6 Types of Web Portals with Real-Time Examples

6 Types of Web Portals with Real-Time Examples 

Sometimes large businesses and enterprises consider more than one website representing their business or association's different facets. This sort of demand leads the web development industry to develop a concept like portal development. 

let's take a tour of the portal's sub-categories, either belonging to vertical or level types of categories: 

1. Corporate Portal Development: 

The corporate portal offers a consolidated view of organization information and access to customized and personalized selected information. Below are some excellent examples for corporate portal development yet not limited to: 

- Customer Portal 

It is a dedicated customer-centric portal that facilitates users to get comfortable customer support and further raises protests, feedback, and engagement with corporate items and services. 

- Vendor Portal 

This type of portals helps and accomplishes different vendor activities like vendor registration with corporate, tendering, bidding and auction, and live reverse auction investment. 

- Partner Portal 

This is a private type of portal useful for business partners or partner companies for a monster association and industries like healthcare, inventory network, CPGApple, and Microsoft. 

2. Business Process and Collaborative Portal: 

Intranet Portal arrangements began to offer internal business process and workflow management, business rules automation, business process approval, cooperation for inter-department, and branch. It permits internal and external access to use such business information and capacities securely. Collaborative portals likewise offer internal information, tools, applications, and access focuses through a single point. Following are the best examples of business process automation portal and joint portal development: 

- Intranet Portal 

Intranet Portal lets you collaborate with anyone – to inter teams or departments, to clients, or vendors to achieve undertakings for approvals process, and intercommunication from the secured and collaborative workspace. 

- Document Process Automation 

It helps in business joint effort for a documented process to organize repetitive activities on the document to automatically edit, view, comment, and version control. 

- Business Process Workflow 

Assuming you need to automate your business process; a business process portal can help you enable workflow processes that change information and process business automation. 

- Procurement Approval Portal 

Procurement Approval Portal sets business rule automation and workflow of pre-defined and repetitive undertakings in a procure-to-purchase order process and handles the information and document change. 

3. Education Portal Development: 

Education portals give the latest updates about new courses, exams, and information on a specific topic that is useful for the students who have missed the class. Along these lines, universities, and schools can get a perfect education portal and get heaps of features. Some of the best examples are: 

- E-Learning Portal 

Under the approaching threat of COVID-19, e-learning portals have played a critical role in education and corporate training online as a gateway of courses, resources, videos, and presentations. 

- Exam Portal 

Education sheets for schools and universities are taking exam portals dedicated to all activities related to certifications and examinations, web software for the online exam, access, and review. 

- Student Portal 

Every college and university now needs a modern Student Portal dedicated to students for different educational and peripheral activities based on web content management software. 

4. Information Publishing Portal: 

Dictionaries and different Wiki sites are information publishing portals that provide in-depth information or knowledge on a specific keyword or topic that you barely find on other websites. 

- Knowledge Base Portal 

Knowledgebase web portal is essentially a website for content consumers, with an advanced search engine and responsive for reading on any device. 

- CMS Portal 

A content management system (CMS) is a website that creates and manages advanced content. Advance information publishing CMS helps the content publisher facilitate collaborative writing for websites. 

- Media portal 

News Portal is the distribute essential information on regular updates with creative design and powerful features that permit you to rapidly and easily create and broadcast live news contents. 

5. HR and Talent Management Portal: 

Human Resource Portal is indispensable to dealing with a successful HR operation with talent procurement to automate workflow processes and enable other vital activities for placement to finance process seamlessly. 

- Recruitment and Job Portal 

Recruitment and JobBoard Portal helps in little to large scale recruitment processes for companies and associations for employing the best talent from the business by streamlining salient features of application tracking, interviewing, and employee assessment. 

- Application Tracking Portals 

Candidate Tracking portal manages your entire employing and recruitment process and makes the recruiting process fast and easy. This Portals to facilitate the screening, resume parsing, and keep tracking of the talent pipeline. 

- Onboarding Portal 

An association specific onboarding portal reduces paperwork and helps new employees access, self-register, and complete the onboarding process online. 

- Employee Training Portal 

Enterprises and corporates need to offer training ceaselessly to their different levels of staff and departments. They need to make a next-level training portal to endow the knowledge and experience necessary to serve with advanced abilities. 

6. E-commerce Portal: 

SMBs discover an E-Commerce site sufficient to do online business with. However, enormous companies and enterprises seek an E-Commerce portal to encompass their wide range of items and relevant services. Some peculiar examples of a sub-category of commerce portals are: 

- B2B/B2C Portal 

Wholesalers require business-to-business (B2B) portals to deal with retailers. Numerous eCommerce stores are dealing directly with customers, so they are searching for B2C or business-to-customer types of websites. 

- Online Marketplace 

It creates a virtual marketplace for different yet relevant vendors. Here, you can discover a wide range of customers-like B2B and B2C customers as end-users. 

- Auction and Bidding Portal 

An online bidding portal is a fundamental step in expanding any assembling, store network, or retail business. This portal helps you offer online auctions, reverse auctions, or real-time bidding of material procurement. 

- Sales Portal 

When your sales staff is worldwide and needs a stage to trace and analyze sales-related activities, sales portals help improve, giving your sales representative and sales partner all the information they need to refine the sales process. 

- Inventory Portal 

Inventory management for manufacturers and sellers becomes strenuous when carried on a large scale and in different areas. An Inventory portal helps in due course to organize merchandise, items, and crude materials most efficiently.

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