What is the most important part of web design?

When choosing a web designer in Sydney, a popular mistakes many business owners make is not asking the right questions to help them determine whether the person or organisation they recruit will produce decided results.

Asking the right questions for choosing a web designer will help you visualize the final results so that you can mark your expectations and progress. Documenting things and being clear about things in every dimension also keeps you out of hassle.

What is important to note is that it is typically a bad use of resources, time and effort to spend in a website that looks visually enticing but is not optimised to produce revenue or enquiries.

Here are some crucial questions you need to ask before considering a web builder, whether you’re designing a new website or planning a website overhaul.

1. Do You Have Industry Specific Experience?

When selecting a web design firm in Sydney, one of the most popular questions you would invariably ask is the expertise they have, the consumers they represent and some of the websites they have created.

Whether the web designer has designed websites for your particular industry and how effective they have been in producing revenue or acquiring leads for their customers is very interesting to know. You can also ask the web design tools he/she used to work.

There are several aspects that make up a website, each of which may serve as a positive or negative reinforcement to a person visiting a website. From practice, a web designer experienced with your industry with Sydney should know the images, colours or fonts, for example, should be used and the ones should be avoided.

2. Are You Capable in Terms of Server Environment?

A web server is a computer that holds applications for web servers and component files for a website. (For example, HTML documents, images, CSS stylesheets, and JavaScript files) A web server connects to the web and allows the sharing of physical data with other web-connected computers.

Luckily, WordPress or Joomla installations does not involve a lot of server environment. BUT, those who are unfamiliar with larger CMSs frequently make the mistake of treating hosting as a commodity and then wind up on non-CMS-friendly servers.

A web developer is the right person to contact if you know that your website is going to involve a lot of server-side programming. However, a good web design company will be able to guide you through this perfectly.

3. What Resources Do We Need to Supply?

You will want to start compiling the business branding materials including logo files, brand instructions, fonts, and colours before the process beings. Your next move will be to decide who is in charge of taking images and writing material for your website.

Usually, your web partner will provide you with instructions for graphics and content, such as word count limits and types and sizes of files, but it is important not to minimise the amount of time this will take.

4. Do You Work Inhouse or Outsource?

As an operation, several agencies provide web design and production and they will outsource the jobs. Sometimes this can be extremely beneficial, or it can lead to coordination problems, project disruptions, and extra costs.

By recruiting in-house, not knowing whether the idea would be a hit or not, you get to pay all of the costs. Whereas web development contracting firms are now professionally prepared and would cut the time-to-market, which will give a greater investment return (if you choose a company wisely).

It’s a smart thing to know who they’re dealing with and what they’re dealing on if the web designer plans to get extra assistance to remove any misunderstandings on either side and help you get the right website for the needs.

5. What Kind of Ongoing Support Do You Provide?

You could be pulled into a false sense of confidence until the website is up and running, hoping that you can actually sit back and relax while you wait for the sales or leads to come in. The reality is that, much as a vehicle that has to be serviced to escape breakdowns and costly maintenance, a website is still a work-in-progress and needs to be maintained.

Any of the things that can go wrong are broken connexions, pages that take too long to launch, difficulties with payment gateways & shopping cart integration and websites being hacked.


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