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29 July, 2019

Penz Solutions was incorporated in September of 2011. The establishment was borne out of a passion of our promoters for premium and luxurious writing instruments. Penz Solutions belongs to a neoteric genre and firmly believes in the adage, to see is to believe. It is this belief which has propelled us into exhibiting a minimum of 200 varieties of writing instruments in our boutique. This collection of exclusive writing instruments comprise of fountain pens, fountain roller pens, roller ball pens, ball pens and mechanical pencils. These are available in a slew of colours (solids to multi-coloured), in innovative and exotic materials (resins, precious metals-gold, silver, titanium, etc., jade, carbon fibre and many more), with novel filling systems in case of fountain pens – lateral lever, twist filling, button fillers, converters and cartridges, in a variety of sizes to fit into any hand – slim to broad, short-sized to long and light weight to heavy weight. We have committed ourselves to provide our esteemed customers some of the most exclusive writing instruments – some even hand painted and limited to just a few pieces worldwide.

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